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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Back on Maintenance

I'm terribly sorry about the lack of posts going on here. I haven't felt much like writing anything lately, but here is a short little post to keep this going.

So I am on the three week transitional period between the very low calorie diet and eating regularly. I lost twenty three pounds in the five weeks we were on the low calorie part! We went off a week early because of an event we had planned. It's so hard to eat twelve to fifteen hundred calories a day when you are used to only five hundred a day. It's even harder when you think about all of those good veggies that barley have any calories at all to them! I went down a pant size (woo-hoo!!!) and feel really good. I have noticed one downside to loosing weight. I tend to get cold a lot easier now. Brr! I can't wait for spring!

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